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Metal or Clear Retainers?

After wearing your braces for quite some time, the time has come to put them off and you are so excited about it. On the other hand, if you think that your journey ends here, you are wrong because right after the braces are put off, you’ll be advised to wear retainers. Fact is, this is a kind of oral appliance that stops the teeth from returning to their misaligned state. In most instances, after the braces are removed, they will be fitted on the same day as well.

Whether you believe it or not, there are various types of retainers and this includes clear retainers and wire retainers. Choosing an orthodontic retainer demands thorough consideration starting from the comfort of wearing one, its fitting, appearance and of course, the price.

In this article, we have done a comparison of the features that metal and clear retainers have.

Number 1. Construction and design – if you go with wire retainers, it typically has acrylic/plastic mold attached with pliable wire. The wire extends across the front teeth while the plastic acrylic mold delivers a perfect fit to the mouth and offers sufficient support. Actually, clear retainers are molded with the use of plastic and almost similar to invisalign retainers.

Number 2. Speech and comfort – retainers are designed with wire may affect your speech clarity but only for a short period of time. But don’t worry because your normal speech would get back just as what they’re used to be after you get used to it. As a matter of fact, clear retainers are capable of delivering this more comfortable and secure fitting as they’re vacuum formed.

Since there’s no piece against the roof, it is not interfering with the speech of the person. When using a clear retainer, it is so rare to happen to feel itchiness to the roof because there’s no plastic as mentioned.

Number 3. Look – one thing that a lot of people who have to wear retainers or braces are concerned the most is how noticeable it is going to be or how they might look. Retainers are made from transparent and thin plastic and this makes clear retainers to be close to being invisible. No one is going to notice if you’re wearing retainers unless they do close observation. The wire variant however is more noticeable and if appearance is a major concern for you, then you definitely should go for clear ones.

Number 4. Effectiveness – wire retainers have this loser fit and they could be removed with the tongue. Because of this, the odds that your teeth will go back to original position is higher while clear retainers deliver this better grip.

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