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Knowing the Good Weed as Used in Medicine Industry

There are a lot of opinions have been raised up for the subject on medical marijuana has resurfaced. Doctors, scientists, researchers, policy makers and even the public have something to say in using marijuana in the field of medicine. Few of the opinions being thrown at are the safety, effectiveness and legalization of using the weed in the field of medicine. However, the top concern of these people is whether the weed medicine can make someone become an addict instead of healing him or her from sickness. These questions will drive us to thoroughly examine the importance of the weed in the field of medicine.

For the record, marijuana has been legalized in the 29 states in United States of America. Through a study, marijuana has been found containing more than 100 active components. Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is one of the active components in marijuana, is the chemical that causes high and making someone addicted to it. On the contrary, there is a chemical known as cannabidiol which is reported to have many benefits like relieving insomnia, anxiety and pain. Moreover, this good active component can also cure life-threatening illness such as epilepsy. As a matter of fact, a CBD or cannabidiol-dominant strain of marijuana or weed can cure the Dravet syndrome which is a type of childhood epilepsy.

In the field of medicine, marijuana or weed is used to control or ease and relieve the pain. The medical marijuana or weed is not intended to control or relieve severe pain such as the pain caused by a broken bone. Rather, the medical marijuana or weed is quite effective for chronic pain.

Specifically, the medical marijuana or weed can ease the pain of multiple sclerosis and nerve pain. With the help of the medical marijuana or weed, the patient can do activities without thinking of the pain. Moreover, the medical marijuana or weed is also a good use for muscle relaxant and lessen tremors in Parkinson’s disease. Nausea, glaucoma and weight loss can be treated and managed by using the medicinal marijuana or weed.

In order to learn more on the medical marijuana or weed you have to talk to your doctor. To be open and honest to your physician is the best thing that you must do as a patient. Medical marijuana or weed has been so beneficial yet we should be reminded to become knowledgeable in terms of using it. Doing a research like this article by WBUD and talking to an expert on medical marijuana or weed are few things that could help you know more about this medicine.