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The Benefits of Daylighting

By and large, for a rough idea on what daylighting is, this is just the process of providing light, illuminating the space, using natural light. This is often achieved through proper interior and exterior design practices and advanced glazing techniques and its aim is to maximize on the comfort of the occupants and check on energy use. As a matter of fact, wherever it is that you may choose to have them, whether it is in a hospital, homes, workplaces, schools, commercial facilities, et cetera, one thing you can be well assured of when it comes to daylighting is the fact of its many benefits. The following is a rundown on some of the proven results that daylighting solutions have had.

There are a number of benefits that follow providing office workers with such better physical indoor work environment such as in the use of daylights, giving them an outdoor view, and better ventilation solutions. Going by what has been seen from these studies, those who enjoyed such kinds of work environments had less reports of negative health issues, worked faster and were more productive and as well they performed up to 25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall as compared to those who only used artificial lighting in their work environments. Added to this, exposure to daylight has as well been found to be so good at helping boost memory recall and as well helps with need to boost one’s level of concentration. Students who happen to be in such classrooms that allow them the highest levels of exposure to daylight as well perform better on standardized tests.

One other amazing benefit of the daylighting solutions and systems is in the fact that they allow you manage so much in energy savings and by far and large, this is the overall objective that many property owners have had in mind when opting for these daylighting solutions and installations. This is looking at the fact that through the use of the daylighting solutions, you lower the reliance on artificial light as such reducing your energy costs. The costs of heating and cooling the spaces as well take a drop where you opt for the use of the daylighting solutions and as such, this as well helps lower your energy bills at the end of the day. As we know, the use of artificial light, electricity lighting, produces a lot of heat while the use of the natural lighting solutions, the daylighting solutions will hardly produce any heat, provided it is well directed.

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